Walking on sunshine

I Took My Legs Home with Me this Weekend.

Everyone knows how old their child was when they first walked. My daughter was 17 months. I first walked at 14 months and now my second time at 43. Wobbling around just like my 8-month-old son, spot to spot, I have been walking! I took my legs home with me this weekend and tried to walk on them as much as possible. At church on Sunday, I received great applause for walking to my seat. I just require someone holding my elbow; sometimes I put weight on it, most times I don’t. It’s a far cry from walking on sunshine.

I Tried to get Through My Day with My Legs On

I tried to get through my day with my legs on whether in my chair or walking somewhere as much as possible. It is difficult and sore, but so far I’m doing ok! You might wonder what it is like to walk with prosthetic legs? It is a new and a glorious experience. I feel as though someone has lifted me and is carrying me across the floor. I have a permanent smile. It must be the support of all of you carrying me through. I live for the day I can walk independently through my life. It is then that I truly feel like I am walking on sunshine.

Wishes Do Come True

My son is getting better with me. He seems to know I’m an important person in his life. I am aching for the day I am able to scoop him up and have him snuggle into me. He likes to play with the cables on my prosthetic arms when I sit and hold him. Our daughter is coping so well. She was able to see me walk for the first time and she is very happy. I told her, “See? Wishes do come true”. Mondays have become especially difficult as I leave the children behind and come back to learn and work hard so that I can enjoy them again the following weekend. It is those moments walking on sunshine that I know God walking with me.


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