The Maiden Voyage of the SS?

The Maiden Voyage

Ever feel like a taxi service to your kids? Running them around from event to event? This time it is the maiden voyage of the SS (or so I dubbed it).
After extensive testing by an authorized occupational therapist, today I took my first step in claiming one of the rights of motherhood back. I drove for the first time as my new self. My O.T. (occupational therapist) tested my thinking, vision, and strength – all superhero tests (or so I told Cienna). I love that my daughter has the kind of imagination that incorporates my quirky sense of humor.  She was wholly on board with the maiden voyage of the SS. She couldn’t wait to hear how my super powers were able to help me drive again.

 I Am So Glad She Trusted Me

After all the tests on my physical abilities and mental state, I took my occupational therapist’s car on the road and drove. I am so glad she trusted me that much! It gave me confidence. It really is not that hard after all. Sure I’m sore and tired, but you cannot get this smile off my face. The maiden voyage of the SS is a resounding success.  Cienna will be overjoyed to hear that my super powers conquered all!

I Guess It Was All the Practice

Once again, Heather and Bryan were there to cheer me on. My O.T. was surprised at how well I could do up my seatbelt; I guess it was all that practice. I’m looking forward to the day I feel like a taxicab to the kids. In fact, I can’t wait. What a great maiden voyage. Whatever journey you are on, God surprises you with unexpected moments to learn and to share. It often comes with challenges, but He is applauding us every step of the way.

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