Hand, hand, fingers, thumb

I Miss My Fingers

I loved reading this book ‘Hand, hand, fingers, thumb’ to Cienna and I read it by heart over the phone many times while at the hospital, in hopes of putting her to sleep. Yes, I miss my fingers and curling them around my child’s or husband’s fingers, that feeling of completeness it brings.

Finding New Ways of Defining Those Special ‘mom’ Moments

The last few days, Liam has been grasping my “claw” with one hand to guide his walking. I soar when he does this. I am helping him learn to walk! Me, mama! I remind myself that I don’t need to feel the connection of his skin to mine, the energy surge of joy is enough! Hand, hand, fingers, thumb has a different meaning now. Tonight he started blowing kisses onto my arm!
I am finding new ways of defining those special “mom” moments.

What’s Next?

My life is different now for sure. Being a mom and caring for my children is different too. In so many ways though, the ways that really matter, being a mom comes naturally when love is at the centre of it all.  I can still hold my children close to my heart without using my ‘Hand, hand, fingers, thumb.’ I am not counting on my actual digits or describing them in the literal sense anymore. It is a matter of choosing to embrace ‘What’s Next?’

God Holds Me in His Hands

One thing I do know, that no matter what life throws my way, God knows me and loves me too. He holds me in His hands and never lets me go.

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