A Good Second Life!

We Are Learning to Walk Together

This was a week of firsts. Liam had his first fall and so did I. We are learning to walk together. He stumbles from furniture piece to piece; it was not long ago I was doing the same thing in the safe environment of our home. It was the beginning of a challenging but a good second life.

Falls are Inevitable

Liam’s fall was into a glass table and required 2 stitches. Falls are inevitable, and I’m very blessed to have been taught how to get up. I also drove on the highway and swam for the first time. My weeks are full of activities—swimming 3 days, driving instruction 2 days—which leaves little time to be by myself working through the grieving process. But as I write this, I am listening to the rain and can hear geese flying overhead, so Life is Good! It is very easy to discover the joy of life. Simply open your senses and listen for it!

There Was a Moment in Which My Heart Panicked

I spent a lot of time with Cienna in the backyard this weekend. She had some friends over and wanted to open a small bottle of bubbles. There was a moment in which my heart panicked; I have no fingers – how can I possibly open it for her? I quickly scanned the yard, and pointed her towards the bushes. “Find a branch and push it through.” She smiled at me, “I did it, Mom.” My days are filled with finding creative ways to do things. It is truly a good second life!

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