Faith Has carried Me Through the Trials and tribulations of Life

People often tell me I have very strong faith. My mother raised me in the faith. Faith has carried me through the trials and tribulations of life. Not only losing my limbs, but the trials before and following that “season” in my life. This journey could only be taken with strong faith.

Recently I decided to take my new hip for a walk into the back forest. (On September 17th, I underwent a total hip replacement). It would be my first walk into the forest alone. The sun was already warming my face as I took my initial steps across the field towards the path that leads into the forest. I wanted to ensure that I took the time to celebrate and thank God for each step.

I was not planning to go very far. 15 to 20 minutes into the forest we have a makeshift bridge that is covered in mud and made out of skids and plywood. I have never had the courage to try it alone. In fact, I had gone over it very few times since my hip had first started to give me trouble. My cell phone was nestled in my shirt; it would be difficult to remove it unless I was sitting down, something I had not thought of. So I reacted as I always do when I’m faced with a new challenge, I RAN home.

How Many Times in Your Life Have You Struggled with Faith?

Actually, I talked it out with God. I shared my fears and waited to hear his voice. Was my faith bordering on a bit of insanity? Or was he there as he always is, waiting to help me accomplish something that brought me so much joy and drew me closer to him. For me, this moment – the moment in which my foot is placed on the bridge, but not quite ready to take a step, represents a moment of faith. That space in between what we’re about to do and the fear that comes up over us. It is in that space that we can allow faith to carry us through. So, step-by-step, I walked across the bridge made of skids and planks of wood on prosthetic legs. When I had crossed, I thanked the Lord for being with me and holding my hand, once again.

I can think of so many moments in my life when I have had to rely on faith. Offering all my fears up to God and allowing Him to decide what the future will hold.
How many times in your life have you struggled with faith? When you hit that space and time in which you have a decision to make, do you let faith carry you through? Do you keep your eyes on the Lord? I can think of so many examples where faith can carry us through. It doesn’t have to be when we’re hanging off the side of a mountain. It could be something as simple as deciding to move to a new home, take a new job, get a different haircut. What types of things in your life have caused you to take a “leap of faith”?

Jesus said “Your Faith Has Made You Whole.”

When I think about that moment at the edge of the bridge – all the fear and anticipation that came with it – I cannot help but think of the woman who reached out to touch Jesus’ robe.
Jesus was walking through a crowd and people were gladly receiving him. Scripture tells us the story. “And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, Came behind him, and touched the border of his garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched”.
Jesus said, “Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me”. When the woman realized that she was not able to hide she fell down before him and confessed (Luke 8:43-47 KJV, also: Mark 5:25–33, Matthew 9:20–21).

She had lived 12 years in suffering. This poor woman had been from doctor to doctor, hoping that they would cure her. She had likely spent her entire life’s savings, and no one would touch her or come near her. Can you imagine the looks people would give her as she walked through the streets? I certainly can. I’ve had those looks myself. I can envision her hand reaching out towards a robe passing by in front of her. In that moment, that moment of hope and anticipation, that moment of pure, heartfelt faith, she reached out. Jesus could have been angry with her. She could have lost even more than what she had already. But instead he turned to her and said “your faith has made you whole “.

How Much Faith Do You Have?

What is faith? Hebrews 11:1 tells us: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”.
How much faith do we need? The Lord tells us it simply needs to be the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 17:20, Luke 17:6). A mustard seed is a few millimetres in diameter. That is a very small amount of faith.

How much faith do you have? Is it the size of a mustard seed or an apple? Do you have the faith it takes to walk through a group of people surrounding Jesus and reach out with hope and anticipation for his robe? The faith it would take, to simply in the midst of trial, reach out for him? Do you have faith that inspires fellow believers? Or have you never in your life reached out for Him? Why not simply reach out now?

It Simply Takes Hope, Faith and Anticipation to Step Out and Cross That Bridge

Do you remember the first time you jumped into a swimming pool? I can remember it well. For me it happened (again) just a few years ago. I had hoped for swim legs, and when they finally arrived, the first thing I did was run and jump into the pool with my kids. So, if you remember your first time—perhaps it was off the dock, perhaps it was into a pool—come back with me to that point in time.
You are standing against the wall of the swimming pool looking at the edge thinking that you cannot wait to jump in. But there is a little bit of fear there. Will you feel the bottom when you hit it? What if something goes wrong? But you take a deep breath and as you take your first steps across the ground the tiles are cool on your feet. You know you are getting close to that edge. Then you are on the edge and your toes push off. You are airborne. This is it! Your feet are neither on the ground nor in the water. This is that moment in between. Filled with hope, anticipation, and excitement. Filled with faith. “Assurance in what we cannot see.”
Suddenly the water surrounds you and your toes hit the bottom and belts you back up. As you resurface, you take a breath; you cannot believe what you just did.
That is the moment, the moment in which we have the chance to reach out in faith to Jesus. Reaching for the confidence in what we hope for – his help, his guidance, his love and assurance of what we cannot see – him, the future. It simply takes hope, faith, and anticipation to step out and cross that bridge.

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