Cool, Crisp Clean Sheets

I Want My Children to Feel Cool Crisp Clean Sheets Every Night

When I used to wearily crawl into bed at night, a feeling would creep up from the tips of my toes into my legs. That feeling would soothe me before I fell asleep. As if it was part of my nightly routine.
How I loved the feeling of my toes in the cool, crisp, clean sheets. I miss that. I miss it a lot. But perhaps when I’m healed I will feel that on my legs. I want my children to feel that every night.


My Son Needs Me!

This weekend I did some cooking and baking with Cienna, and had friends over. It was a great weekend, and with cooking and shopping it became a reflection of our previous life; we were both thrilled to feel somewhat back to normal again. Liam even snuggled into me one evening as if he knew who I was. How can I express the joy that brought me? I wanted to dance down the hallway in the middle of the night and scream, “My son knows me! I was the one to soothe him!”


I’m Totally Ready for Bed

Now that I have my new legs, or as Cienna calls them my “helping prosthetic legs”, I have been able to walk Wednesday, Thursday and today. Today I held onto a hip walker. I walk ten minutes at a time. It hurts and it probably will continue to hurt for quite some time, but to be upright and walking is an incredible feeling!! My nurse told me it takes 85% more energy to walk with prosthetic legs. This must be why it’s only 8:00pm and I’m totally ready for bed! Never mind the feeling of cool, crisp, clean sheets. That will come in time, God willing.

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