A Day of Normalcy

Today I Went Shoe Shopping

Today I went shoe shopping at a large mall with Heather and Bryan, both friends and fellow amputees. They have been teasing me that I needed a pair of shoes. I have been wearing a pair that the prosthetics department supplied; I think perhaps they are from the 1980s. Would this be a day of normalcy or would it be a disaster waiting to happen?

We Couldn’t Help But Laugh as We Caught a Glimpse of Ourselves in a Large Store Mirror

We joked as we walked around the mall. You can just imagine the sight. The prosthetics department was working on my arms, so I was bare and using a walker. One friend was in a wheelchair and my other friend cannot wear her leg now due to complications. We couldn’t help but laugh as we caught a glimpse of ourselves in a large store mirror. No one could blame people if they gawked, yet none did.

My Heart Leaped with Joy as I Found Shoes That Were My Style

I tested telling Cienna that Heather and Brian and I are spending our weeks at the hospital training to fight crime with super heroes – that we are crusaders with robot-like parts. But she did not buy that one at all.
The young lady who helped us was quick to put me at ease, sharing that she had helped others with prosthetic legs. She was very comfortable around me. My heart leaped with joy as I found shoes that were my style. I was so worried I’d have to compromise on that.  Maybe I could have a day of normalcy after all. I started dreaming about painting my toenails and wearing sandals again!

Few People Stared at Us!

After this awesome shopping trip, we picked up my arms and went to dinner.  Okay, so that’s not really a day of normalcy but it was my reality just the same. Few people stared at us! Most people were all thoughtful and polite. On one leg, Heather helped to serve me. She exhibited amazing balance, proving obstacles are only what you make of them.

Another Challenge

As I sat down in the car, ready to return to the hospital, Bryan looked over at me with his teasing grin and twinkling eyes. “If you want to go for your license, you’ll need to do up your own seat belt.”
He reached over me and pulled the top of my seat belt down so that I could use my prosthetic hooks to hold it. ”We are not leaving the parking lot until you do it up.”
I sighed as I contemplated which angle I would use to grasp it. After thinking about it for a moment, I reached down and hooked onto the seatbelt. Another challenge. A day of normalcy for me now.

How Blessed Am I!

Heather and Bryan cheered me on as I pushed the seat belt into the clasp. My heart danced inside my chest; it was a small task, but a huge accomplishment for me. Now, back in my bed at the hospital, I reflect upon my day, I am too excited to sleep. All because of a seatbelt and a day that resembled a normal life, a day of normalcy. How blessed am I! I am falling asleep beside my most awesome new shoes? Life is good.

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